Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Delightful Vintage Dolls

I found these seven delightful vintage miniature dolls at the Sunday Market a few weeks ago. Wrapped up in a clear plastic bag, they caught my eye with their sweet charm. Sold!

There is a sticker on one saying East Germany. They stand just under 3 inches high.

I love all the attention to detail on the clothing and the simplicity of their nature; just a lovely grouping of dolls to catch the imagination of a young child...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Raven/ Edgar Allan Poe

This spectacular book is in my current possession but does not, unfortunately, belong to me!

It came from an estate I am helping to sell off. Luckily, when I came across this rare book, I was able to point out to the owner what she in fact had here. It was published in 1910.

Drawings are by John Rea Neill. (1877-1943). He was best known for illustrating more than 40 stories set in The Land of Oz.

I don't think I have ever held a book that touched me more on an emotional level. The Art Nouveau styling and dark quality of the drawings are mystical/magical.

I think this current economic climate is not the time to try to sell this rare edition. That actually suits me just fine.
I like it sitting on my shelf for a while...