Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Three Stunning Art Deco Overpieces

I feel very fortunate (and a little poorer) to currently have these three pieces of handwork in my possession. I purchased a complete lot from the estate of a couture seamstress. Buttons, laces, notions trims and these three exquisite garments were among the contents.

To a vintage fabric addict like myself this was the ultimate high! I didn't even realize when I made the purchase just quite how exceptional these were. What strikes me is how relevant to contemporary fashion they are.

If you go to my Etsy shop (just click on my FoundVintageStyle Etsy mini... up and to the right>) you can see them being modeled by my elegant friend Gail. She is wearing a Nanette Lepore strapless black dress so all the detail shows beautifully against her skin. These pieces are simply timeless. They are so well designed; the shapes, the proportion, the fit on the shoulders... Top quality never is dated I suppose.

They may be priced on the high side but let's be real here. Who thinks too hard (before these economic times that is) about spending $150. - 200.00 on 'designer' jeans these days? The work in these garments is unbelievable. They are in excellent condition but had a few spots I wanted to mend. I had an even greater appreciation of the workmanship after I strained my eyes sewing black glass beads with black thread on black lace....

I hope all you textile lovers enjoy having a look!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Does This Bag Make You Want to Party?

This gorgeous Vintage Parisian Rhinestone Evening Bag has been nominated in The Storque's (Etsy's Blog)
current 'Wanna Party' Items Poll!

It is a dazzling bag with rhinestones galore... it sparkles like old time glamour should!
You can read more about it in my shop, foundvintagestyle.

If it 'Makes You Want To Party' (you know it will) please cast your vote here: (you will have to click on another link from there in the first paragraph)!

Thanks Everyone!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Glorious Vintage Tins

This beautiful collection of tins are pieces I picked up at one of my favorite dealers a couple of weeks ago. Gradually I am listing SOME of them. I, as usual, am not able to let them all go. They suit my lace & button collection too perfectly! He promises to have more on my next visit; where on earth is he getting them all from?

Their timeworn beauty is so comforting somehow. All of them from Scotland or England, it certainly speaks of an era where the pace was slower... The ritual of Tea & Biscuits one can imagine was done properly, with nice tea cups and maybe a roaring fire to sit by.

On one hand I really like modern design, clean lines, keeping it simple...
There is this other side however, my soulful side... wanting to be surrounded by objects with a history; like little ghosts keeping me company...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Love These Miniatures

I am so taken by these sweet pieces... they are 'keepers', I just can't part with them.

I have a group of them from an estate I am handling. I will be ruthless with myself and list the others but the 5 in the above photo have a permanent home on my studio shelf!

They were collected over the years by an artist. I love the fine craftsmanship in some and the simple folk art style of others. Together they create magic in their honest beauty. They just make me smile.