Monday, April 27, 2009

COPCO Pan/Michael Lax Design

This gorgeous bright yellow enamel skillet is a recent foundvintagestyle find.

A substantial 12" in diameter and in excellent condition, this piece of cookware is as useful as it is stylish.... and I adore the intense, pure bright yellow color!

Numbered 107 on the bottom with the Copco/Made in Denmark markings; it weighs a hefty 5.5 lbs.! Well designed with the solid teak handle and opposing 'balancing handle' it is easy to comfortably manoeuvre.

Created by industrial designer, Michael Lax for Copco, this is now considered an iconic mid century modern piece of product design.

Look for it soon in my shop...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cool Vintage Fan

I found this glorious fan today at one of my special little haunts that I frequent. It's a place that is so unpredictable in what you might find (often nothing) that sometimes I think, why bother? Then a gem like this appears out of the blue and I confirm to myself the delightful lack of logic or predictability that thrifting embodies...

What I adore about this fan is the delicate cage framework and overall scale of the piece. Most of the time these old fans are rather heavy 'clunkers' that seem a bit out of place in our modern homes. This one has such a light touch however, with the watery blue blades and chrome accents.

The logo is the crowning glory; a great iconic look with the superb use of typography in the 'E'. I so wanted to keep this but it's a slippery slope that I don't want to venture on... keeping things for myself! I get as much pleasure from putting it out there, waiting to be Found by just the right person.

If that person might be you, check out the details at foundvintagestyle.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Some of My Special Buttons

circa mid 1800's etched monogrammed mother-of-pearl

I have been collecting vintage buttons seriously for about 2 years now. This interest came hand-in-hand with my developing art of making wrist cuffs and chokers from vintage fabrics and findings. The more of these exquisite items I came across, the more inspired I became in my art. I couldn't believe how finely crafted these little jewels were...

Most of my buttons were sourced online or through a few dealers I know at local markets. I would also go to any vintage textiles events happening in my city and beyond.

About one month ago however I was put in touch with a woman who had an estate of a fine seamstress who sewed during the 1940's. I was 'warned' that this was quite a superior collection of buttons, laces, threads and many other objects of her trade.

Upon entering the room this was all displayed in for my perusal I was awed by the beauty of it all. Of perhaps close to 1,000 buttons on display 1/3 of them were very exceptional. Another 1/3 were very lovely and the remaining 1/3 ordinary.

Oh course by the time I left, heart beating a little faster, I was the proud new owner of a spectacular collection. I have had a great time sorting, categorizing and researching this bounty.

Here are a few of the special ones. I will continue with some more photos in another post soon. (I have already posted about the 3 black Art Deco shawl/collars that were from this estate).
Victorian silver lustre glass snowflake, carved metal with m-o-p inlay & cut steels, etched & carved glass with metal, metal openwork
Victorian celluloid with faceted steel insets & cupped rims.
these are 5 part buttons. (they have 5 different components)

1930's carved wood & hand-painted 'goofies' or 'realistics'

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Inspiring Spaces

These stunning locations are for rent for photo shoots and filming in the U.K. They are all from a great website that you can check out here: thebeachstudios.

I love peeking into these amazing spaces for inspiration. They are all a bit larger than life but get me thinking outside the box...

I love LOVE the idea of stacking books into a non-functioning fireplace. What a great use of space that I never would have thought of...

I hope you enjoy browsing this site as much as I do!