Saturday, October 30, 2010

My New (Old) Studio

It all started with my amazing find of this vintage Steelcase Desk. Found at the
Salvation Army Thrift
for the glorious price of $19.99.

A week of de-cluttering later, here is my new and improved studio!
(yes, these ARE the after shots... you should have seen it before)...
I have 3 zones; my computer/desk set up,
my 'sewing central' by the window, and,
in between my paper zone where I can create cards or any other
graphic design type project.

my style is lots of color tempered by natural wood finishes
and grounded by the block of black & chrome
via the desk. it's happy, creative space that doesn't take itself
too seriously!

Monday, October 25, 2010

1960's Pop Art Cat Illustrations

2 1960's era framed cat illustrations.
(reproduction prints, not originals).
To Keep?
To Sell?
For now, to keep... loving them too much!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ron Sexsmith Galbraith Street

I have become a huge fan of this Canadian singer/songwriter; Ron Sexsmith. His lyrical musicality and poetic phrasing leave me mesmerized...

Here he is in a pub in NYC, acoustic guitar in hand, just him and his words piercing the quiet, dark room. This has to be my all time favorite song of his.

I thought it a fitting choice for this weekend, the Canadian Thanksgiving.
A song about going home again- even if just in memory.