Sunday, October 20, 2013

New York 2013

A very belated post on highlights from my NYC trip
last May accompanied by my eldest daughter. We stayed in an apartment on the upper east side 
coincidentally rented from a woman I went to grade school 
with many, many years ago!
It added an extra meaning to this 4 day jaunt- when we open up and shift our routines 
there are many things to reveal & discover...
 Marimekko Store

 "Hungary Torn" concert at Carnegie Hall

 breakfast at "The Kitchenette"

 amazing store: "The Meadow" where we bought beautiful artisnal salts

 store I'd always wanted to visit: "The End of History"

 the Highline

 mid-day coffee break

 waited in line for cheap seats!

walking home 

amazing last day breakfast!