Saturday, October 18, 2008

Timing Can Be Everything

Driving along, on a glorious fall Saturday afternoon, I decided to take a different route to go and visit my daughter at her cafe job. I was taking some unknown side streets through a leafy neighborhood when I spotted an enticing church rummage sale sign.

I quickly found a parking spot and entered the church basement, encouraged by the signs saying linens, glassware, art...

However what I was met with was people furiously packing up all their tables in clear bags ready to be shipped to a charity thrift store. I soon realized I was coming right at the end of this promising sale, the worst feeling as you can imagine! As I caught glimpses of exquisite lace and crochet work in the plastic bags I kindly asked if I could PLEASE have a quick look and still buy something. As long as I had exact change the answer was sure, go ahead...

So this is what I assembled in a couple of minutes. Perfect pieces of lovely lacey textiles to incorporate into my textile jewelry. As it was the end of their day a total of $5.00 was requested. I happily obliged. Since I have gotten home I have been experimenting with some natural dyes. Pomegranates produce the most delicate pale pink.... If anyone has some other natural dye favorites post them here and we can share some ideas... Happy good timing to everyone!


Leililaloo said...

I so can imagine the feeling of missing out on something potentially great...when you came at the end of that great flea market. i think i would have felt phisical ache. But you luckily caught some real beauties there. Abot natural dyes, i have a great book tip on that subject, if you want to see go to;

greavesdesign said...

thanks! I will check it out...

Emily said...

Other natural dyes:
Beets - cut into small pieces & boil in water - deep red.
Tea bags - tan.

A lot of other good plant dyes here:

Happy dyeing!

PS> Got my shoe clips...Thanks! Wearing them today! So lovely!

Waterrose said...

ooooh what great finds! I love treasure hunting. I have to control myself here since there are so many goodies to find.

Grace@PoeticHome said...

What a lovely find! I completly understand the undesirable feeling of coming upon a wonderful sale, only to be at the tail end.

Pomegranate sounds like a beautiful colorant. I am not versed in dying fabrics, but I have played around with using tea stains.

You have a splendid blog and I look forward to visiting regularly!

TheresaJ said...

What lovely finds.

By the way, YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED. Visit my blog for the rules to the game. :)

- Theresa