Monday, September 14, 2009

Cabbagetown; Neighbourhood of Grace

This is my neighbourhood. I have lived here, in the largest Victorian enclave in North America for 25 years. We have a working farm in the community which is amazing considering we are a 20 minute walk from the downtown core.

Throughout my children's childhood this was the anchor of their everyday lives. From joining the farm's programs, strolling through to check out the animals with Mom or Dad to visiting on their own with friends as they got older to having their first summer job leading day campers... the farm was an unquestioned presence.

Each year, the weekend after Labor Day, we have a 3 day festival. A huge arts & crafts show in the park, bands playing, the main street closed to traffic... it is a hub of activity and community bonding.

My first thought was to record all these events for a blog post. Sunday morning however, I got up early and took a walk. The streets were quiet, the crowds were still sleeping and I felt my own personal connection to this beautiful place I call home.

I went back to get my camera. In the early morning light I captured these images of this 'Neighbourhood of Grace'. (my own term which came to me as I was reflecting on how lucky I was to live in such a place).


Celine said...

I like the details of the last two photos.
I wish there were more bright coloured doors in my neighbourhood. I should go to cabbagetown more often.

Waterrose said...

How wonderful and how fortunate you are. I love all of the doors and the colored glass at the top of the window. I grew up in an area in Columbus, Ohio called German Village...with authentic cobblestone streets. It was also a "homey" community within a big city.