Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Visit to Charlottetown PEI

This past weekend my husband and I enjoyed a quick visit to Charlottetown, PEI to visit some old friends.

We took a Thursday afternoon flight and returned home late Sunday night. Even though it was not a long stay, it provided us with a welcome change of scene. It is a very bucolic place; pastoral scenery in every direction you wander...

We had some delicious seafood to savour the east coast cuisine experience. Eaten in a popular local hangout made it even tastier and the waitresses were so naturally friendly in a very non big city way.

I had chosen our lodgings online. Looking for a comfortable bed & breakfast inn I had many to choose from. I took my time and studied the decor closely... I knew I didn't want anything too cutesy; too many places seemed to have been stuck in a 1980's over-wallpapered, over-laced, over-dried flower arrangement type of decor time warp... you get the idea! Luckily I came across The Hillhurst Inn. It is a very lovely place with authentic art, woven carpets and spectacular woodwork throughout. Our room had a restrained elegance that was comfortable and luxurious at the same time.

Our breakfasts were held at a long communal table in the formal dining room each morning. It was interesting to meet the other guests and hear about their travel experiences. The food was fresh, thoughtfully prepared and different each morning- a real treat! (breakfast being my favorite meal of the day).

Saturday my 2 girlfriends and I drove all over the east end of the island for the Annual 70 Mile Yard Sale. Along country roads, farms and small clusters of houses joined together to put out tables of typical yard sale fare. As with any thrifting venture you go through a lot of useless & weird stuff to find the odd 'treasure'. I did not bad, finding 5 or 6 items that were worth the effort. Finding those things of course was half the fun, especially with friends to share a laugh with along the way!


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