Monday, January 2, 2012

Bathroom Renovation Post #3

I thought I would do a quick post on the look of the new bathroom.
This wall mount vanity plus the mirrored cabinet above it are what we have ordered.
It is made by Duravit and is coming from Germany. (we also are getting the small wall shelf shown in the background).
I fell in love with the simple lines of these pieces. The mirrored cabinet has side lights built in which is also great for our small space;
the fact that we don't have to install separate wall sconces will minimize visual clutter.

If all goes according to plan these pieces will be arriving by late Feb.- early March.
The tilers will make a template so they can go ahead with installing the wall tile
before they arrive.

I must say it's nerve wracking making all these design decisions and
I am hoping it all works out!


Donna said...

I'm going to stay tuned to your bathroom posts! I was on your site ages ago and just refound the link and revisited and have made a connection. Our kids have left the nest, and we thought we'd downsize, so... This summer we bought a very small old home by the ocean, and will be taking everything out to the stud walls and redoing it. It is without bathrooms, so we are adding two. My attention was caught by your sink picture, as it is similar to what I have tentatively selected. I'm looking for clean lines...easy to clean that it! And small...the house is not big! We are even going for a wall hung toilet so I can clean under and around super easy. My updates will be at Gull Haven. We are going to be starting the trashing soon! I'm so excited! I'll keep checking back to see how you are coming along, and maybe get some ideas I like too!

FoundVintageStyle said...

thanks for checking back on our reno Donna! it has come a long way since my last post; the tiling is all done and the tub + toilet (a Toto) are in. we have to wait for the floating sink/vanity to arrive from Germany... I might post an in between update if it takes too long to arrive.

your house project sounds amazing! I will follow your progress as well- good luck!

Anonymous said...

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