Monday, August 25, 2008

New Vintage Textile Cuff

I have been busy sewing, getting ready for the up-coming Cabbagetown Arts & Crafts Show. It is held each year in Toronto, Ontario, the weekend after Labour Day. It runs on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in a beautiful park setting. Approximately 160 exhibitors are selling their work in this juried sale. All we need is good weather to ensure thousands of visitors. This year I will expand my line of goods to include greeting cards, wrist cuffs & chokers. The work has been evolving lately; designs are more free-form and by hand dying some of the lace fragments the color has shifted to a more nuanced palette. This cuff is one of many new pieces I will have for sale. I will be adding more posts leading up to the September 5th. event, documenting the ups and downs of preparing, setting up, selling and recovering from a weekend in the 'craft show world'.


Leililaloo said...

Hi carol, your work is very enchanting to me. I love the theatrical style you have. Reminds me of my late grandfather who was a set designer in the Slowak state theater from the 40ties until he died. I especialy got goosbums reading the entrie about your grandmothers paintings. It's a very very beautiful painting. It brought me back long gone memories about the beautiful paintings my grandfather left behind. Sadly enough i don't know where they are today.

Stacey said...

Found your blog when doing some research on Tender Buttons in NYC...I can't wait to read your archive!
My husband and I are going to NYC to visit the 2nd week in Oct- Do you have any recommendations for places/antique shops to visit? So far, Tinsel Trading Co., the Met, the Cloisters, the Statue of Liberty and the NYC Public Library are on my list...