Sunday, August 17, 2008

St.Lawrence Antiques Market/Toronto

I am taking you to the most lovely shop today. If you adore vintage, especially textiles, you will enjoy this tour. This tiny but crammed full of treasures shop is nestled in the corner of the St. Lawrence Antiques Market in Toronto, Canada.The market itself only runs on Sundays however this shop, Ephemera Too, is open on Saturdays also, from 8-2p.m.
Barbara Griffin is the owner of this emporium and is passionate about all things vintage. She specializes in fabrics but has plenty of other treasures that have caught her eye. Mounds of chenille bedspreads, quilts and blankets are stacked neatly on lovely worn wooden shelves.
Crisp cottons are laundered and ironed waiting for a sewing project to inspire. Barkcloth drapes and cushions adorn a corner light by 1940's lamps. Vintage clothing, purses, shawls; any type of accessories you can imagine are to be uncovered here. As you can see from the sampling of what this shop has to offer in these photos, it is certainly worth a look if you live in, or are ever visiting Toronto!


Sarah said...

awesome shop! I love vintage textiles!

Waterrose said...

OH! I want to reach in and buy everything! The joy of seeing it and not being able to touch.

Prairie Home-Sherry said...

LOVE your style and designs....Very unique!!!
I'm adding you to my site....
Do you sell wholesale to shops?
Come visit!

Vanessa said...

I wish Toronto was closer to me!!

BlackRoseVintage said...

Hi there...I just found your blog, as I was googling my own shop, Antiques at the St. Lawrence! I m the other owner along with Barb, and am so glad that you found our little shop and enjoyed it! We both love what we do, and bring in new stuff every week, often being our own biggest admirers of each others treasures. For anyone visiting Toronto please drop by! I also try to be open thursday and friday lunches if the weather is fair. Drop me a line and I ll let you know if I will be in that day. Happy Hunting everyone!
~Kelly~ Blackrosevintage