Sunday, September 21, 2008

Decorative Painting/2004

Although this is a job that I completed in 2004, this weekend was the first time I got to see the finished, installed result. I painted all these doors for this lovely country home in a downtown studio space in 2004. My talented husband built me a 'working frame' so I could more or less work on these as a whole in their ultimate installed configuration. (click on photos for more detail).
I had done some work for these clients before and knew they loved folk art. The idea was to make this bank of multiple storage cupboards a focal point within the open concept living space of their newly built country home. I incorporated aspects of their life such as family names, dog's name and illustration of him, date home was built and location etc. This lovely house will likely stay in the family over generations and having this bit of history painted into the decor was a meaningful and fun project for me to work on.
They had a large all day party to mark the end of summer on Saturday which my husband and I attended. A lively French-Canadian fiddle group played music into the evening on the deck and was lots of fun. It was also very satisfying to finally see the doors in their intended space.
Decorative painting was the type of work I had been doing for the past ten years or so. Somehow however, I gradually became more and more enchanted with textiles and less inspired by the paint medium. Possibly I needed to creatively shake things up in order to keep growing... My paints & brushes are now in storage and my sewing machine is out of storage... Funny how things evolve...


Waterrose said...

That is absolutely beautiful! You did a wonderful job.

greavesdesign said...

thank you waterrose!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,
That's amazing work! I thought it was from a museum you'd visited or something when I first saw!! You clever girl!!
Debra :-)