Friday, September 26, 2008

FoundVintageStyle/My New Etsy Store

A bevy of shoe clips from another era. Why did these stop being made?
I came across them at an estate sale and there was no question I had to have them for my new vintage shop.

They were just the vibe I was after. Fun, stylish and relevant to today's fashion mood. The kind of accessory you can interpret with your own flair.

How very Mad Men. That's what came to mind as I modeled these beauties on my shoes.

I don't feel like a 'grown up' most of the time. Sophistication? Well, in my own way, yes, but not in the getting all dressed up for an evening of socializing kind of way...

These little satin & rhinestone clips on my little black shoes however... strike just the right note. Not taking myself too seriously; classy but with a sense of playfulness...

This must be but a fleeting temptation to keep these enchanting clips for my own dress up fun...

See them for sale here foundvintagestyle.


Chelsea said...

So great!

Pfeiffer Photos said...

Doesn't Mad Men just nail it on their costume design? So retro but not quite dated at the same time, somehow. These clips are fun! I agree with you on the "not quite grown up" in a going-out-for-an-evening thing...I've had that feeling about myself.

Best wishes for success with your new vintage shop. I just opened one, too, and will keep an eye on yours along my way!

Tina Pfeiffer

Pfeiffer Photos

forrestina vintage

Leililaloo said...

I Looooove them!!! Just the thing i feel like adding to my outfit so many times, but never had a wird for. I did not knew they actually existed, i tougth i would have to make them myself. Great new shop!!!!

Waterrose said...

There are all so cute! I love the brown and black ones. I think the trend should return! Not just for dressy shoes but tennis shoes too!