Monday, May 25, 2009

Tim Irving, Photographer/ Artist Profile

Tim Irving is a British commercial photographer, specializing in interior and travel photography. He currently resides in Spain.

These photographs are a result of his growing interest in fine art photography. They have such a painterly quality to them that I love. His technique involves using film in a collection of vintage and homemade cameras & lenses. Being an avid traveler, many of his photographs document his experiences traveling around the world since the 1970's.

The above photograph is called 'The Flamenco Dress in Bedroom'. The way it seems to be suspended in mid air is magical. The light falling on the fabric and ruffles animates it so beautifully. One of my favorites, definitely!

The top photograph is called 'Ballroom 1977'. It was captured in the Tower Ballroom in Blackpool, England. It is a fine art Polaroid Photo. The effect is certainly dreamlike, more a memory than a literal document of a moment in time.

The last is 'The Button Tin'. This still life was photographed through an old camera's viewing screen. I find old buttons and tins with old buttons incredibly evocative. Tim has such a sensitivity to noticing these details in everyday life.

Tim's work has been featured in many publications including Time Magazine. He has also been part of several exhibitions in Great Britain. His work is currently available to purchase through his Etsy shop where he offers free shipping to anywhere in the world! He also has a beautiful blog called Stylemed. I recommend having a look at all his other gorgeous images...
Etsy Shop + Blog.