Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Purchase/Textile Graphic

On the weekend I was on a walk and happened to pass by a favorite vintage decor shop, eclectisaurus, on Gerrard St. in Toronto. They were closed but as I peered in the window I spotted this textile on the wall.

That was it. I knew pretty well, as long as it was in my price range, I would purchase it. I knew exactly where it would hang. At approximately 4 ft. x 2.5 ft. it was the perfect scale to hang over the bed. In our newly painted and re-configured bedroom.

About one month ago I let go of my procrastination and picked a Farrow & Ball white and got painting over some hideous minty green that I had on the walls for far too long. With 2 children in the house a serene bedroom was never a priority. Life was too hectic and messes were too constant to even think about the aesthetic side of things.

Kids are launched. I am seeing rooms again as blank slates, ready to reflect my current take on style.

Bedroom walls... now a linen shade of white. Bedroom floor... dark wood. Bedding... white. Walls... bare except for this one glorious piece hanging over the bed. I love it.


Sweet Love Vintage said...

You should post pics of your newly decorated bedroom! Love the bold focal point in blues. Very cool!

greavesdesign said...

hi sweet love vintage...

yes, I will. I am waiting for some finishing touches to be in place and then I'll take some pics!

Grace@PoeticHome said...

Gorgeous piece! I love the graphic appeal and the colors -- and I look forward to seeing your transformed room! I know exactly what you mean about priorities that pop up over keeping the bedroom serene and pretty. The bedroom always seems to be the last place that gets decorated in our house!

Anonymous said...

Love the new purchase!! My mom had so many of these, in the seventies...her colors leaned more toward orange, red and yellow (I'm a blue/green girl) but I always loved the designs! Come to think of it - I wonder what happened to them?...I better put in a call to Mom today:)
What a wonderful feeling to have a "new" blank slate to work with...I'm looking forward to more pics:)