Sunday, July 5, 2009

Susan Fothergill/Artist Profile

...each piece of art, a fragment of a never ending poem,
an heirloom of love.
-susan fothergill

This is the work of Canadian artist, Susan Fothergill.

From the first time I saw one of her silkscreens, several years ago, I knew this was someone whose language I understood. I sensed a tension between joy and sorrow, love held and love lost... ideas and imagery that can be felt on a level that needs no words.

The image above is a triptych called 'Dreamers'; life size self portraits of the artist dreaming awake and dreaming asleep. I find this an incredibly compelling series. The symbolism is powerful; the flaming lotus flower, roots, serpent and crown all in reference to an unending source of creative energy and imagination...


The first boot print is called, "Baby's Boot II". The following two are from the "Baby's Boot I" series. These are hand colored silkscreen prints. On a purely visual level, I adore the joyful exuberance of these images. The colors pop on the pure white ground and the graphic crispness of the designs are very appealing to me. (In fact I purchased one of these a few years ago and I just love it).

Susan uses the boot silhouette as an icon; a form onto which femininity's power & softness can be voiced. There is an undeniable energy that radiates from these pieces...


These last works are a small sampling of her work that uses dresses as imagery. In her different streams she uses both children's and women's garments as subjects. Susan has a love of textiles with a history; lace, veiling, stockings... diaphanous materials that suggest fragments, memories...

This ghostly quality allows for the subtle layering that Susan's work embodies. Old snippets of ribbon & other adornments add a three dimensional element to much of her work. Text is also included on fragments of paper as thoughts are expressed...

There is a haunting aspect to her work but never in a disturbing way. Tragedy, romance, ritual & exploration, strength & vulnerability... all are expressed so beautifully and poetically through Susan's art.

If you are interested in seeing more of or purchasing Susan's work you can email her at:


Claudia said...

WOW! I have seen some of her boot prints before and loved them but the dress and blouse prints really spoke to me. The translucent fabric she captured is just gorgeous!
Thanks for exposing me to her other works.

Anonymous said...

I like what you wrote about Susan Fothergill. Could you please contact me at