Saturday, July 23, 2011

Windemere House

The family and I just returned from a 3 night stay at the fabulous Windemere Resort in Muskoka, Ontario. We stayed in the main house in 2 rooms (so that we and our daughters could have some privacy) overlooking the gorgeous gardens. Hollyhocks in all shades of pink were in glorious bloom. I decided they were one of my favorite flowers- so majestic yet so humble somehow.
There is a lovely wraparound porch that was a perfect spot for reading in the afternoon. (I read most of Keith Richards' autobiography 'Life' while there). We also enjoyed a lunch of grazing on sushi which was divine!
There is quite a history to this resort. It began around 1890 in a family home that was expanded to serve 200 guests. It stayed in this family until 1981 when it was bought by a group of investors.
In 1996 they allowed a film crew to shoot the feature film, 'A Long Kiss Goodnight" on the premises. I believe it was a spark that started the unstoppable fire that destroyed the entire resort. An unbelievable tragedy for this historic landmark although luckily, I believe there were no fatalities. By 1997 it was completely rebuilt. (thank goodness for insurance)!

We would totally recommend this place if you were looking for a pretty luxurious, stress free break from the city. The food is excellent. Oliver and Bonacini run the food service in all the restaurants there and it was first class. The only slight disappointment were the breakfasts which were served buffet style which meant somewhat rubbery scrambled eggs and soggy french toast. On a more positive note, the beds were super comfortable with high quality pillow and linens. As they say- it's all in the details!


Shannon said...

Looks amazing!

We stayed at Deerhurst (in Huntsville, ON) over the weekend...I am going to post some photos too!

FoundVintageStyle said...

Just checked out your blog Shannon- nice photos!

Anonymous said...

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