Sunday, August 7, 2011

Acadia Art & Rare Books, Est. 1931

Another in my series of glimpses into stores I feel are 'done right'.
This is Acadia Books in Toronto, at 232 Queen Street East.
You can't fake this; the atmosphere created as a result of the space infused with
layer upon layer of history by way of books and art.

Every spot is utilized to give you pause to stop and perhaps flip through an old crate of postcards or maps... or perhaps just gaze at the wall of fabulous cover designs on all the coffee table books...

You could get lost in here for hours.
It is a great anecdote for high tech stress in case you are of need...
When I think of simple, obvious comparisons between... let's say digital and film photography and electronic and paper bound books... you get the idea. This is the ultimate in breathe in the old school way of information transfer. Good for the soul in my opinion!


Shannon said...

This hood is a bit far from my own...but I wish I could spend a lazy Saturday morning in this store!

Tally said...

love pics !