Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bathroom Renovation Post #1

This photo signals the start of our upstairs bathroom renovation. Things reached a tipping point for me a few months ago. Lifting floor tiles, damaged surface on the porcelain sink and gross lighting that doesn't help looking in the mirror as we age finally got me to this point.

We moved into this house 26 (!) years ago. We raised 2 daughters who now are launched and living in their own apartments. During all those years we did small upgrades on our home every few years; adding crown molding, new hardwood floors, finishing the basement, new carpeting + paint a couple of times...

All through the years however, we never tackled The Bathroom. We moved into this century old house in the 80's- not a great decade for interior design, looking back on it. The main upstairs bathroom was never well done to begin with; cheapish materials and a bad layout too. (the tub goes along the length of the narrow space instead of across the width).

We have decided to 'go for it' in the fact that we are actually moving the LOCATION of the bathroom as well. By eliminating an unnecessary portion of hallway where the old bathroom was, this space can be opened up into a huge studio/office space for me. (yay). The new bathroom, which will be the same size as the old one, will be carved out of the middle bedroom- leaving enough space for a small office for my husband and for resale purposes, enough space for a nursery or guest bedroom for future homeowners.

Contemporary; clean + modern is the mandate for this new bathroom. Duravit fixtures are perfection in their simplicity. White, warm gray and watery aqua is the colour palette.

I will post updates as it all progresses including some before pictures which I can't bear to reveal just yet! Stay tuned...