Friday, November 19, 2010

Lamp Love

I have a love for vintage lamps.
The more colorful or stylized the better.
To me they are sculpture.
Sculpture that lights up... cool.
Sculpture that is functional as well... fabulous.

All these pieces I have found at thrift stores and sold on Etsy.
It makes me happy to see this (small) selection all together.

Kind of like I just created my own design poster.


Meera said...

Love them! So bright and happy.
Please check out/follow my blog!


Van said...

Agreed, I love me some vintage lamps. Especially orange ones- orange is an amazing, delicious color. Modern stuff doesn't come in the brand of almost red (red-orange) orange that I love. Speaking of which, there was one glowing in the window of the antique store I might buy...

FoundVintageStyle said...

I agree... orange is a dynamic color and tends to make us happy I think!

Design Elements said...

cool - happy colors!