Thursday, November 25, 2010

Putting it Out There: Completion!

This post is in reference to a previous post
made, ironically, on the Canadian Thanksgiving.
(it is a 'coincidence' that this one is falling on the
American Thanksgiving)!

Here is the finished piece; my embellishment of a
Found Sampler that caught my eye & my imagination...

It measures 19" x 26" so it has the size impact I was after.
My color palette went quite bold as I wanted to counter the antiquated aspect of the piece and bring it into my own aesthetic. The bold red & white striped fabric throughout helped to keep me on course with that.
(interesting side note: that fabric came from a Dior linen jacket I spotted at Value Village).
It was O.K. to use as a cutter since it had a bleach stain on the front!


Fairwood Haven said...

Interesting Idea - This could work for clothing as well - Yes-?
Nice that you imaged the original too.

FoundVintageStyle said...

I do make wrist cuffs with this technique... clothing would be beyond my skills I think!