Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Chokers... coming for fall 2008!

My new line of textile art jewelry is
The Bohemian Tapestry Choker. Here is a sample. I have made three so far. They will most likely be up for sale in early September. I am so excited about this new product. ('product' sounds so assembly line which, I assure you, these
are not)!
I create them from 2 parallel strands of fabric which are joined at the ends. This helps in the shaping of the piece and also leaves a bit of 'air flow' in places so they are comfortable. Speaking of comfort... they are lined with silk velvet and satin so they are super soft on the skin!
Any comments on what you see here would be appreciated! It is so helpful to have feedback on new items...

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Pfeiffer Photos said...

I'd be willing to bet these will be a hot ticket with the teen age group...they love the vintage inspired items like this. Good work! ~Tina