Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Featured Artist #1 in a series: Debra Dorgan

Every so often I will feature an artist that I find inspiring.
I am very pleased to begin this series with Debra Dorgan, AllThingsPretty, an artist currently residing in Auckland,
New Zealand.
Debra's shop name perfectly describes her aesthetic. She seems to have a natural ability for beautifying everything around her. Whether it is a bag to sling over your shoulder to shop with at the market, a tea cozy to adorn the kitchen shelf or a pillow to nestle with on the sofa, her approach to these day to day items is to infuse them with joy.
She collects vintage fabrics, trims, buttons and anything else that catches her eye to embellish her creations. With these materials at hand she hand dyes, cuts, sews, paints, re-configures and makes them her own. What I love so much about her work is it's pure artistry. Her work comes straight from the heart and it shows.
This photo features one of her signature slip dresses. They are works of art with their slouchy side pockets adorned with bits of embroidery, asymmetrical hemline of crochet openwork and lace fragments and detailing of vintage linens & buttons. I love her hints at how to wear these dresses; "alone or with flares, leggings, long stripy socks, ankle-length skirts, jeans, boots or flip flops...".

Be sure to check out her shop!


Vanessa said...

Great feature! I also just started featuring etsy shops.

Anonymous said...

Ah Carol, that's so lovely, thankyou! I feel really happy to be featured on your lovely blogspot and will enjoy reading more about your own and others designs in future xx