Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fabulous Bookcase

Recently I have been on a re-decorating mission at our house. The kids aren't little anymore and it's O.K. to have an adult space now. I began by taking everything away, repainted, stained the floors and then edited in a big way and only brought back what was essential & beautiful. However, what I felt we needed was one, unifying piece to hold our things in, that kept the look calm and grounded.
One day while out and about I saw this piece in a unique store that sold interesting imported furniture and objects. I immediately could visualize it in the room; my husband was more practical and measured and wondered.... but I prevailed and here it is! I enjoy it every day in that it keeps the space from ever looking cluttered or disjointed. The older I get the more harmony I feel I need in my surroundings...